Our goal is to enlighten the world

The purpose of our Temple is to help a person liberate his soul, thus relieving him/her from the continuous cycle of birth and death. This is done with the help of Deeksha/Initiation and Soul Liberation.

Deeksha or Initiation

Deeksha refers to “Thee” + “Aksham”. Thee means fire and Aksham refers to our eyes. This implies the process of initiation from a realized sathguru to induce the divine fire in our eyes. Deeksha is the entrance to liberation of the soul. The ego (I), karma and maya are said to be three impurities and veils of ignorance of living beings. These impurities are the obstacles preventing one from realizing himself. You can also call it self-realization. However, by the abundant grace of a realized Guru, these impure layers can be removed through the process called deeksha (or initiation).

From the time the higher divine beings descended at the Gnanalayam Temple, various forms of deeksha were given by our Guru Amma to the seekers aspiring for liberation of the soul. Currently, Pineal Gland Activation in the form of Sri Renuka Devi Mantra deeksha is given to interested persons.

Soul and The Life Force Energy

While much philosophical and theological knowledge exists about the soul, not much information is readily available about the scientific basis of it. At Gnanalayam, due to the grace of the higher divine beings, we have been blessed with this wisdom so that it may help dispel the ignorance and help souls get liberated at the end of this Kali Yuga.

According to the knowledge bestowed to us by Maharishi Sage Agathiar and the Sapta Rishis, Lord Murugar, and our Guru Amma, a human soul is a composite mixture made of millions of mercury space particles. These particles which originate in the great cosmos (in the Maximum Outer Primordial Empty Space Limit – MOPEL) as Electromagnetic rays transform into inter galactic vortex spirals in the outer galactic disk to further then gather together as the Sun (our primary creator). During the formation of the planets as a result of the ‘big bang’ explosion from the Sun, the mercury particles get expelled out entering into the planets and exit out as a “Soul” along with the “Single Atom” which becomes the life force energy (Uyir in Tamil).

The Cycle of Birth and Death

The Soul is then attracted to the Earth to take birth in the physical dimension. As the Soul continues to take multiple births seeking to understand the essence of its creator from outside, it slowly forms attachments and bonds which eventually trap it to the gravity of the Earth. Thus, burdened by these desires, the Soul is unable to free itself from the gravitational force of the Earth due to the quantum weight and is forced to be born again and again in a continuous cycle of life and death until it can free all its soul particles from the ‘bondage’ or ‘desire’. The purpose of the Soul then becomes solely to liberate itself from the gravity of the Earth and reach back to its creator.

The Seat of the Soul in the Human Brain

In the human brain, the Soul and the Single Atom (Life Force Energy) resides in the mid-brain in the area of interpeduncular fossa as a space molecule which cannot be seen or detected by any microscope or instrument.

Surrounding the Single Atom are ten layers of soul particles trapped inside Electrons inside the microtubules of the neurons. These ten layers each have trapped soul particles holding memories of different aeons (Golden Age or Satya Yuga, Silver Age or Treta Yuga, Brass age or Dwapara Yuga, and Dark/Iron Age or Kali Yuga) in a representation of space-time geometry. The Electrons bear the impressions of the desires/ attachments/ bondage and continue to trap the soul particles until the Electrons themselves can be dissolved by either fulfilling the desire or letting go of it or through spiritual processes which will then release the trapped soul particle back to the Soul Atom. Until all the trapped soul particles get liberated, the Soul Atom has to obey the forces of gravity and cannot return to its creator.

Soul Liberation is a Natural Process

The entire process of the “Soul” being birthed into the physical dimension, its entrapment and its final “liberation” is a natural process and is aided by the energies of Sunlight. Using the four molecular energies present in the Sunlight (Mercury, Gold, Silver, Copper), the three forms of Electromagnetic strands (Magnetic, Electric and Toxic strands) and the five elemental energies (Space, Heat, Air, Water, Land), the Soul Atom provides energy to the Single Atom which in turn feeds the trapped soul particles in the mid-brain until they can get liberated. This may become a long process that requires many births before the Soul Atom can completely free and liberate itself on its own. The time given to a Soul to accomplish this is one Chaturyuga (period of four yugas).

The Urgent Need for Deeksha and Soul Liberation Today

Today, the Mother Earth is undergoing a process of transformation. In the great cosmic cycle of time, the Earth is about to transition into the next yuga or aeon from the current Kali Yuga to the start of next Chaturyuga (Four yugas together form the chaturyuga, one cycle of life for the Earth).

With this impending start of Satya Yuga (Golden Age), the Earth will be shedding her own impurities and will be seeking a phase of rest before new life begins again. This particular period in the process of Earth transformation will not be conducive for life. Souls cannot afford to follow the birth and death cycle as the environment will not cooperate, unlike earlier. Diseases, calamities, and the much toxic nature of the surroundings will cause people to die quickly without liberating their trapped soul particles, further trapping them even more. Ultimately, in the final stages of the birthing of the Earth into the new yuga, soul particles will even be forced to perish themselves.

Cosmic Sounds in the form of Sri Renuka Devi Mantra Initiation

The highest wisdom lies in knowing that Sound is capable of providing cosmic energy and liberating the trapped soul particles in the Human Brain. However, not all sounds can do that.

Our Guru Amma at Gnanalayam, a divine incarnation of the Adi Shakthi and manifestation of the Goddess Sri Renuka Devi, has been bestowed with the divine work of helping the transition of the Yugas by the Supreme One and Sage Agathiar. Due to her endeavour to liberate as many human souls as possible from the unceasing cycle of life and death, and to help in the transition of the Yugas, Guru Amma has designed a specific set of Cosmic Sounds in the form of “Sri Renuka Devi Mantra Upadesam”.

The words of this powerful mantra is capable of attracting the cosmic sounds, specifically the sounds of the planets, to the human brain and will energize the soul particles along with removing the seventh veil of ignorance surrounding the Single Atom. As one continues to chant the mantra, one can release the trapped soul particles in their brain with the help of the higher divine beings and the sound energies of the mantra. This makes them eligible for Soul Liberation and to further spiritual growth including practices to attain a light body or rainbow body.

We cordially invite everyone, irrespective of their religion, caste or country to receive the blessings from the Guru and get initiated into the Renuka Devi Mantra and understand the true purpose of Life.