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The School of Southern Wisdom is an educational institution guided by divine masters aimed at helping students learn the Science of Spirituality and realize their soul. Founded by Mr. Balaji Raju in 2021, the School offers various programs, both online as well as direct in person classes, to impart spiritual education to the sincere seekers.

Atma Gnani (Soul Wisdom Practitioners), one of the the flagship programs of the school, is an undergraduate education program offered by the School of Southern Wisdom tutored by eight higher divine beings in their astral forms and facilitated by the physical teacher Mr. Balaji Raju. Covering Kriya Yoga, Vasi Yoga, Patanajali Yoga, Pranic Healing, MOPEL/Space Meditation, Collective conscious meditation, and Varma Kalai, the higher divine beings tutoring the students include Mahavatar Babaji, Bogar Maharishi, Patanjali Maharishi, Vallalar, Sataimuni Siddhar, Gorakar Siddhar, Goddess Sarada Devi and Bala Tripura Sundari.

Kriya Vasi, Anma Yogam and Deep Space Meditation are offerings in the undergraduate program specifically designed by the higher beings for humans living in the age of kali yuga to realize themselves and thereby the divine. The school periodically organizes spiritual camps to important energy spots across India and the globe to enable students to get a variety of experiences of the divine.

Atma Gnani Undergraduate Students - Batch 1

Science of Spirituality

The School of Southern Wisdom Online Learning Series

The School of Southern Wisdom, Gnanalayam Pondicherry is pleased to announce the launch of our Online Learning Series called the "Science of Spirituality". Comprised of three modules spread over three months, the series is intended to teach the hitherto unrevealed details about the fundamentals of NeuroSpirituality. Participants will learn about the Divine Connection between the Cosmos and the Human Brain, the intricate details about the Soul Atom and Soul Particles in the Neurons, and the origins of the Creator himself as part of the exploration of cosmology. The module wise coverage along with other details are as below:

Course Details (will be delivered in English)
Module 1 - NeuroSpirituality
As you discover the Divine Connection between Cosmos and Human Brain, a breakthrough revelation on the six unknown glands in the Brain awaits you in this mind blowing journey. Get empowered to grow spiritually as you find answers to questions such as What is the Soul, What is the Food for the Soul, “Who Am I”?....
Module 2 - The Sacred Space inside Us
How are memories of past lives stored in the 10 dimensions of Space Time Geometry in our Brain?  Do soul particles carry karmic imprints? Does the Light Bridge aka Silver cord or the Antahkarana really exist? Find out the answers to these questions and more along with exploring the nine levels of emotional states to cross before you can reach the Supreme Creator. 
Module 3 - Origins of the Creator
Unravel the connection between Blackholes, Light strings, Sound strings and the Cosmic sound system in this module as you explore the depths of the String Theory. Where and how did life start, when did matter evolve from nothingness, what are Intergalactic Vortex Spirals, and Why is Mercury important in the Creation theory? Stretch yourself to the depths and widths of the Cosmic Scale to find out where you really came from.

The Courses will be conducted in English by Mr. Balaji Raju, Research Head & Founder, The School of Southern Wisdom. Each module will comprise of two sessions, of 2 hours duration each and will be held over Zoom. The online course offering for 2022 is completed. Please check back next year for the next online dates.

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