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Gnanalayam - The Wisdom Temple was established in the year 1998 by our Sadhguru Sri Parimala Devi with a special mission to lead this world’s inhabitants on their Journey towards Enlightenment. Going beyond the current day place of worship built to anchor the high divine energy of the Supreme Creator on Planet Earth, the physical space on which the Temple stands has a long and wondrous history.

Gnanalayam today stands over the very same vortex of energy where a colossal temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of “Vana Ishwar” stood over a thousand years back in time. This temple of Vana Ishwar was built by the then ruler of the land whose daughter named “Vana Mullai” was a divine incarnation sent to Earth for assisting the Planet Earth in its evolution. Through her intense meditation, Vana Mullai sought and brought down the energies of Lord Shiva to anchor them in the Dasabashana Lingam consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, to serve the needs of the mankind during the end times of Kali yuga. If someone is able to travel in subtle form during deep meditation, one can indeed experience this highly powerful temple where many Siddhars continue to meditate even today in samadhi state in this sacred space.

The temple of Gnanalayam and the space in which it resides is a divinely ordained energy spot on this Earth where the change of yuga and the birth of Golden Age will be initiated. This is also the space which is directly above the core of Earth where the Life Force Energy of the Planet Earth exists, in a constant state of movement upwards towards the surface of the Earth, exactly in line with the Ever Burning Lamp at Gnanalayam. More shall be revealed about this and Gnanalayam in the times to come under divine command.

Today, Gnanalayam is a space of high magnetic energy, being connected directly to the core of the Sun and the core of the Earth through the Light Bridge that was constructed by our Sadhguru. One may visit the temple anytime, any day to meditate and feel the deep grace of the divine and the ascended beings who have converged in the Ever Burning Lamp.

Sri Parimala Devi

Our Sadhguru

Sri Parimala Devi, lovingly called as ‘Guru Amma’ is the founder and guiding force of Gnanalayam - The Wisdom Temple at Pondicherry. She is the incarnation of the great primordial energy Adi Shakthi and is a manifestation of the Goddess Renuka Devi. Although she gave up her mortal being in September 2020, she continues to be present on the Earthly plane in astral form in order to fulfil her mission to liberate as many humans as possible from the darkness of illusion.

Right from her first birth as a human on this Earth, as the son of the great Sage Bharadwaj Maharishi, Guru Amma’s endeavour has always been to serve humanity even in its darkest hours. Much against the advice of Sage Bharadwaj Maharishi, Guru Amma continued to take birth across the four yugas until her last birth in Kali yuga. This was solely to fulfil her mission to help the humanity and keep up the promise she gave to her Sadhguru, the great Sage Agathiyar Maharishi to assist him in ushering in the Golden Age (Satya yuga) and enable the change of Age on Earth. For this, the Great Sage Agathiyar himself hailed her as a Chaturvedi and asserts that humans who even merely think of her as their Guru will be bestowed with wisdom and liberation in the years to come.

Though Guru Amma’s accomplishments as a divine being are beyond current human comprehension, her physical incarnation on Earth was no less illustrious. She was an epitome of compassion and altruism who served with a keen vision to render help to humanity. She was the First Lady District Governor of 324A3 Lions Clubs International and was an active member for 25 years in rendering her services to various social causes. After realizing that true service to mankind is to make them realize the true purpose of their birth, she resigned from the organization on a high note. She acted as a bridge between various higher forces, divine beings and Gods & Goddesses to bring messages of hope and enlightenment to humans. She worked with the Siddhars Kalangi Nathar (Confucius) and Bhogar to make available various herbal formulations to cure many diseases including Cancer. It has been Guru Amma’s dearest wish that humans seek the light within and fully realize who they are for which she worked tirelessly every day to facilitate divine energy transfers through deeksha/initiation and soul liberations.

Our Guru Amma, who was the reincarnation of “Vana Mullai”, continues to guide Gnanalayam in astral form and will not stop until the last human possible is liberated on Earth.

Gnanaguru Dr. Balaji Raju


Dr. Balaji Raju, the younger son of our Sadhguru Sri Parimala Devi, is our Guru at Gnanalayam who has been given the mighty task of helping humans step into the Golden Age through the path of divine wisdom and universal love.

From a young Age, Gnanaguru Dr. Balaji ayya had an intense drive to find the connection between Spirituality and Science. His passion towards the same took him to various parts of the globe where he explored and embraced multiple religions and spiritual practices. Through many divinely guided life experiences, he realized that the Supreme God is indeed One and our veils of ignorance are what prevents us from perceiving the God within ourselves.

Gnanaguru ayya's desire and life purpose is to help everyone understand that Spirituality is the culmination of the ultimate scientific achievement and without the unseen divine, there is no Science at all. Hailed as an incarnation of Lord Parasurama and Lord Murugar by Sage Agathiar Maharishi, he is now the wayshower at Gnanalayam, after the mahasamadhi of our Guru Amma.

Ayya's achievements and life experiences before Gnanalayam were notable, being designed and orchestrated exquisitely by the divine to prepare him for his role as the Guru at Gnanalayam later in his life. He has a Double Master’s degree from US and Singapore and has worked in US, Ethiopia and India.

GnanaGuru ayya is also the founder and research head of the School of Southern Wisdom (Gnanalayam University), a spiritual school to help people connect Science and Spirituality. His special interests span across areas where current day Science can be evolved to understand Spirituality through multiple research studies and study groups. In commendation of his work in the area of Siddha Spiritual Sciences, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by an American University in the year 2023.

He can be reached on paribala.ba@gmail.com.