Our goal is to enlighten the world

Mrs. Parimala Raju

Our Guru

Mrs. Parimala Raju is the founder of Gnanalayam temple (Temple of wisdom) at Pondicherry, India. As a spiritual Guru, she is handling spiritual classes since 1993 until now. The classes are scientific and she transfers her electromagnetic energy to remove the ailments and karma of her students. She is guided internally by Sage ‘Bharadwaja’ Maharishi and Great Sage ‘Agasthiyar’ Maharishi. She has been given the great task by Almighty of curing cancer, which will be the disease of these end times. She is currently provided with knowledge of various herbal formulations by Kalangi Nathar (Confucius), the Guru of Bhogar Siddhar. When pharmaceutical industry is profit driven, it is the wish of the Supreme power that medication must be rendered at minimal cost to save mankind from various diseases during this Kali Yuga. The importance of vegetarianism and organic foods are strongly emphasized, as the food we intake, will be the main cause of most diseases. Parimala raju is an epitome of altruism and all her services are rendered with no monetary motives. Her accomplishments in the materialistic world stands tall as well. She was the First Lady District Governor of 324A3 Lions Clubs International and was an active member for 25 years in rendering her services to various social causes. She resigned from the Organization on a high note, after realizing that true service, is to make mankind realize who they are and what is the purpose of their birth.

Mr. Balaji Raju

Mr. Balaji Raju is pursuing his doctorate in New Zealand. He has a Double Masters degree from US and Singapore. He has worked in US, Ethiopia and India. He is a Trustee of the Light Bridge Foundation and spearheads all our research activities.

For any research enquiries, he can be reached on paribala.ba@gmail.com