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The Wisdom temple (Gnanalayam) at Pondicherry, India is a place where higher spiritual beings have descended to provide scientific details about the Soul atom (space molecule) in the mid-brain.

A "Light bridge" has been created by the Guru and her 5 disciples at the wisdom temple (Gnanalayam), which connects Eesan (God particle) and the depths of earth. Liberated Souls travel through this light bridge and the spiritual Light beings have descended down in the temple, through this light bridge. The Wisdom temple was constructed in the year 1997 and inaugurated on 18th January 1998. In October 2008, the “Ever burning lamp” (Anaya deepam) was ignited. The temple provides ‘soul liberation’, due to the coming change of age and collects the seeds of ‘soul atoms’ for the Golden age.

We have published several books through “Thought manifestation” . The great Sage Agasthiya Maharishi, Sage Valmiki Maharishi, Sage Bharadwaja Maharishi and Lord Murugar have been instrumental in writing these books. Some books have also been translated in English, as instructed by Lord Murugar. Please visit the Books section for details.

We are also getting messages on rare herbal remedies for various diseases and ailments from Siddhar Kalangi Nathar and Siddhar Bhogar.

The great technique of "Quantum entanglement meditation” called as Vetta Velli Thyanam in Tamil, has been taught by the Rishis for the liberated souls. It is a meditation technique, where magnetic energy from the outer realms of space limit are transferred to the soul atom in the midbrain by the soul counterpart particle (twin pair), which is lifted by ‘thoughts’ through the 'light bridge' across galaxies to the Maximum outer primordial empty space limit (MOPEL). The energy when brought down to the body through "sulumunai nadi" (nerve which connects the soul to the body), makes the "Light body" possible, thereby enabling immortality and eternal life.

Furthermore, Lord Arumuganar explains the importance of “eye” as the entrance to the soul. He explains the connection between the optical density of the Fundus (fovea region) in the eye and the spiritual state of the respondent. Arumuganar deeksha happens every month at the temple to remove the scales of maya, karma and ego from the fundus of the eyes- which forms the foundation of the soul particles embedded within electrons.

The Wisdom temple is filled and powered by 70 Higher powers, who include the Sapta Rishis, Lord Arumuganar and his army of divine beings and 19 Sakthi’s. In addition, 101 Siddhars have descended in the temple. We cordially invite everyone to the temple irrespective of their religion, caste or country to get blessed and understand the true purpose of life.