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The Wisdom temple (Gnanalayam) at Pondicherry, India is a place where Divine Celestial beings have descended to provide scientific details about the Soul atom (space molecule) in the Human mid-brain.

A Light bridge created by the Guru Smt. Parimala Raju at the Wisdom Temple (Gnanalayam) connects Easan (God particle) with the core of Mother Earth. Liberated Souls travel through this Light Bridge and the Spiritual Divine beings have descended down in the Temple through the same Light Bridge. The Wisdom Temple was constructed in the year 1997 and inaugurated on 18th January 1998. In October 2008, the Ever Burning Lamp (AnayaaDeepam) was ignited. The Temple provides Soul Liberation due to the change in Yuga (Aeons) and collects the seeds of the soul atoms for the Golden Age.

The grand spectacular journey of Soul Liberation, which the participant can realize in a meditative state, is presided over by the renowned Sage Sri Agathiyar Maharishi, assisted by other Saptha Rishis, Siddhars and Sakthis.

The Saptha Rishis, Siddhars and Lord Murugar communicate with us every day through thought manifestation. The messages channelled through them have been published in the form of books. Some of the sacred Vedic texts have also been translated into English as instructed by Lord Murugar. Please visit the Books section in this website for details. The short messages that we receive from the Divine beings are published as PDF documents under the Resources section. Some of the messages channelled from the Divine beings are uploaded in our YouTube Channel as well.

We have also been receiving messages on rare herbal remedies for various diseases and ailments from Siddhar KalangiNathar and Siddhar Bogar.

The Wisdom Temple is filled and powered by 70 ascended beings that include Saptha Rishis, Lord Murugar and his army of Divine Beings and 19 Sakthis. Sri MahavatarBabaji, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Jamadagni Rishi, Goddess Kanniga Parameshwari and the immortal divine being Lord Parasurama have also descended at the Wisdom Temple (Gnanalayam) and dwell in the Every Burning Lamp.

Currently, the Universal Mother - Goddess Renuka Devi is the presiding deity at the Temple, and blesses humanity through the physical form of the Guru at Gnanalayam. The Renuka Devi Mantra Upadesam Deeksha or Initiation that is given by the Guru is the preliminary requirement to attain Soul Liberation. This Mahamantra activates your Pineal Gland and makes you receptive to listen to the cosmic sounds.

Mother Earth is presently renovating herself which is the reason for the diseases and calamities striking the planet today. We are at the end of Kali Yuga and Lord Murugar and Sage Agathiyar Maharishi have warned that if human beings do not liberate their souls, they will perish. Liberation is the only solution to free ourselves from the clutches of maya, karma and ego.

We cordially invite everyone to the Temple irrespective of their religion, caste or country to receive the blessings from the Universal Mother, and understand the true purpose of Life.