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This book titled 'The Brain, alias the Pituitary gland', bestowed by Lord Murugar in Tamil language is the Rig Veda of kaliyuga. It is a breakthrough scientific revelation of the unknown six glands of the Human Brain surrounding the pituitary gland in a perfect manifestation of the Solar system (macrocosm) in the Human Brain (microcosm). The 48 chapters of this divine magnum opus explains the formation of the brain and its core connection with the cosmos. The Book unravels the location of the ‘Soul atom’ in the brain , its source of energy and decodes the secrets of the Kabbalistic tree of life. The book answers the Existential question of “Who Am I?”, the purpose of one’s birth and the path to liberation from the impending deluge. The final trumpet in this divine book will bridge the missing link between science and spirituality.

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This book revealed by Lord Murugar will serve as a food for thought for the upliftment of the entire humanity. This inspiring book is a self-help tool for the lost souls across the world who are perplexed as to how to go about their life, during the last years of this kali yuga. The simple, yet profound principles explained in this book will help a person liberate his soul, acquire a disease free body, realize the Supreme Truth and live a life of absolute love and bliss. Interestingly, Lord Murugar also answers probable questions that a reader would ask while going through this book. He also gives insights about the visible changes that humanity can see and experience during the culmination of kali yuga and the advent of the Golden Age, which are mind blowing revelations. Since the dawn of the new era is near, he cautions humanity to overcome the miserable conditions of maya, karma and ego in order to attain the highest state of liberation and salvation.

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This book is a translation of the Tamil original "Vazhvial", bestowed by Lord Murugar. This is the first publication from Gnanalayam translated in English.

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This book was revealed by the Great Sage ‘Bharadwaja Rishi’ in Tamil language. This is the basic veda to reach the Supreme power. In this Kali yuga, man loses belief in the Supreme power, since he fails to realize his own Soul. This book talks about the removal of Maya (illusion), Karma and Aanavam (Ego) in the brain through “Thought processes” and other practical techniques which have been forgotten. It is an introduction and lays the basic foundation before one reads the “Kali yuga Kaaviyam-Aathmavin Suyasaridham” (The Book of Kali Yuga-Autobiography of the Soul).

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Gnanalayathin Amaippum Nokkamum

This book was revealed by the Great Sage “Agathiya Maha Rishi”. It talks about the wisdom temple located in Pondicherry. An architectural marvel, this temple holds the Spiritual electro-magnetic energy of all the Higher powers, who have descended down inside the temple to protect mankind from the coming change of age. The sitting posture of the temple holds an ‘Ever glowing lamp”, symbolizing the Supreme and the Soul and serves as the “Light bridge”, connecting the Almighty and the depths of Earth and is the only place for ‘Soul liberation’. Every aspect inside the temple is described spiritually with its meaning. The archaeological remains beneath the temple, where Siddhars still meditate for ages, explains the importance of the temple in each Yuga (age).

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A Collection of poems written in pure tamil language by the Great Sage Agathiyar. These poems were revealed by Sage Agathiyar during the writing of the book “kaliyuga kaviyam” by Valmiki Rishi. A beautiful rendition of poems on the ‘Soul atom and electrons’ in the brain, written in the Classical tamil language, one of the oldest languages in the world. A language regarded very highly by the Sapta Rishis and Siddhars, when it comes to enlightenment.

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This book revealed by the Great Sage Valmiki, is the book which unravels the mystery of the Soul and the purpose of our birth. The 130 chapters of the Book revealed in 130 days talks about the location of the Soul atom in the mid–brain and the 10 layers of electrons surrounding the soul, which imprisons the particles of the soul due to desire. When modern science could fathom only the outer layers of the brain through its imaging devices, this book talks about the neurological connections inside the mid-brain, where time travel happens across the Four Yugas imprinted as memories in each layer. The Soul describes its journey through ages and its only chance to prevent its own permanent destruction.

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